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August 2013

How Rush Group adds value to every grower’s crop?

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I am often asked why do farmers decide to sell their crops to Rush Group, why indeed do they not just sell their fruit or vegetables directly to the end user. The answer is that Rush Group adds value to every potato, butternut squash or onion we sell, plain and simple.

So, how do we do that?

In a nut shell, Rush Group has a global presence. We can penetrate the fresh produce market at a wide variety of levels, and reach supermarkets, packers, wholesale markets, caterers and processing factories; end-users most likely unavailable to the growers themselves. However there is of course much more to it than that.

Market knowledge

Rush Group has offices and contacts all over the world, interacting with the fresh produce market on a daily basis. This industry knowledge translates into Rush Group being able to supply our customers on a 365-day 24/7 basis. This knowledge is further deepened by the fact that Rush Group employees have their own specific geographical and product territories. This targeted approach means that as well as having a good broad overview of the industry; each team member has a specific market and region in which they have a greater and hence more profitable understanding.

Working alongside our growers

We believe in teamwork, and sharing knowledge and experience and nowhere is this truer than in our symbiotic relationship with our growers. We listen to each other and when necessary or asked for we offer advice based on our commercial market and agricultural knowledge, such as what our growers want or how to get the best yield from a crop.

Cultural empathy and language diversity

We understand different cultures and see these differences, however slight, as something positive and exciting. Everyone who works at Rush, is open-minded and enjoys adapting their working methods to whichever country they are dealing with. Rush also employs people from a wide range of countries and backgrounds who have an innate understanding of how their country operates on a business level. For example my colleague José in Portugal, knows that in his native land, business is run on a far more personal level than it is in Britain. Naturally with such a diverse group of colleagues, there is a wide variety of languages spoken, including: French, Hungarian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Advanced technology

Rush Group has invested time and money into the technology we use everyday. This technology enables us all concentrate on trade, and get the logistics and paperwork all done much more efficiently than it used to. The time that we save can be put to productive use by analysing the market as well as having time to talk to growers and customers and gaining a deeper understanding of the needs of our industry.

Financial stability

Rush Group has an excellent credit rating (view our Dun & Bradstreet certificate), giving both our growers and customers the reassurance that they are dealing with a financially robust company.

There are of course other more practical reasons as to why growers sell to Rush Group, for example we sort out all the logistics and know when to use a taut liner or a break bulk vessel. Underneath however I like to think that growers know that we care about each and every crop we are involved with, as if we grew it ourselves.

Are you a grower who feels they can supply fresh produce on a global level, then please contact me.