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September 2014

Polish Apples

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Sanctions on EC fresh produce imposed by Russia have created interesting challenges and opportunities within the fresh produce industry. One of these is faced by Polish apple producers who will need to find and explore new markets for Poland’s vast apple production, most of which was destined for Russia.

Rush Group has been exporting Polish apples for many years now and is well placed to provide an established export market for its trusted supply base. Rush believes that this situation creates an excellent opportunity for their clients around the globe to explore the wide variety of apples that Poland has to offer.

The Group’s Polish apple growers can supply a reliable and constant source of delicious apples at exceptionally competitive prices to markets all over the world. The varieties of apples (most of which are red) that are available include: Derbal, Paulared, Delikates, Lobo, Gala Royal, Gala Must, Szampion, Golden Delicious, Pinova, Elise, Ligol, Jonagold, Jonagored, Redprince, Alwa, Gloster and Idared.

Rush Group has been actively working with Polish apple growers who have invested significant amounts of money and time into ensuring that their apples are of the highest possible quality. Investments into hail nets and ULO storage units as well as highly advanced grading systems are allowing the Group’s growers to produce fruit to an incredibly high standard, to match and better that of other European growing regions like Austria, France and Italy.
It goes without saying that all of the apples sourced from the farmers have the right certification to get their crops to the required world-class accreditation standards.
So if you are looking for a competitively-priced reliable source of delicious apples, please contact Andrew Chance and enjoy making the switch to Polish apples.