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December 2014

Egyptian potatoes – top-quality eating potatoes

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Rush Group has a long history of buying and selling top-quality consumption potatoes from Egypt. These include potato varieties such as: Exquisa, Nicola, Maris Peer, Annabelle and Valor.

Rush Group’s customers want Egypt potatoes because they know that they are going to get a top quality new crop potato. Egypt is renowned for its high-end potatoes, and can consistently provide the best new crop due to its virgin desert soils, particularly in farms off the Cairo-Alexandra road and in the South of Egypt.

The Group’s customer base for Egyptian potatoes are retailers spread across East and West Europe, including domestic sales in the UK as well Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux and Russia, with their market base becoming increasingly more widespread.

A good portion of Rush’s customers have come to them, like all the Group’s other customers, because they know they can rely on receiving a reliable source of fresh produce 52 weeks of the year, delivered on time and at the right price. The customers buying Egyptian potatoes in particular want potatoes with the best possible taste, and whose skin is smooth and bright.

Rush Group’s Egyptian farmers choose to supply them because they know that the Group can find a market for their entire crop, graded at times into 3mm bands, which in turn gives farmers the best value for the fresh produce that they have grown.

Rush Group’s expertise in logistics, including duty and clearance issues that relate to Egyptian new crop potatoes, means that when a customer buys Egyptian potatoes from Rush they can be confident that any issues arising will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in top-quality Egyptian potatoes, please contact Guy Burgoyne today