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March 2015

Southern hemisphere onions now coming into season

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As soon as the quality of European onions starts to deteriorate, Rush Group can offer imports from warmer and counter-seasonal climates. Towards the end of April and the beginning of May, Rush commences its trade in onions from Chile, New Zealand, Tasmania and Egypt.

These well-regarded onion growing areas provide Rush Group with an excellent supply of the highest quality, well-priced onions:

Chile: A typically large onion with an excellent skin-finish, which has a very similar colour, taste and size to Spanish onions. Popular with supermarkets, wholesalers and caterers throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

New Zealand and Tasmania – Good quality onions which offer a perfect out-of-season alternative to European onions. These regions supply a range of colours and varieties which are attractive to supermarkets, wholesalers and food service companies from around Europe.

Australia – Similar quality to New Zealand. Most famous for their white onions, which substitute for Spanish white onions between February and July. Ideal for supermarkets.

Egypt: Most renowned counter-seasonal supply of red onions to Europe. Premium quality supply of both conventional red onions between May and August and organic yellow onions between March and August.

Rush Group has a wide network of onion farmers and therefore is able to source any particular size and variety of onion that their customers require, and deliver it to them at the right time or the right price. During the import season however the majority of the onions we handle for customers in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia generally fit the following size grades:

40 – 60mm

50 – 70mm

65 – 80mm

80 – 90mm

If you are looking for a reliable supply of onions throughout the year, please contact Nat Bacon today.