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July 2015

Northern Hemisphere Apples

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As August starts, so does the Northern Hemisphere apple crop. French apples were originally scheduled to be harvested earlier than normal, with first shipments of Royal Gala expected in week 34. However warm weather conditions have prompted producers to delay harvesting in the hope of improving the colouration of their fruit.

Italian and Serbian apples will follow the French apples, in mid to late-August with varieties such as Red Delicious, Red Chief and Granny Smith. In September the Polish harvest will start and shipping is expected to start from week 37 with varieties including Royal Gala, Jonagored, Gala Must and Jonagold.

It has been a good growing year for Northern Hemisphere apples, with warmer weather conditions having a positive impact on fruit sizes, which are anticipated to be large. Supply will be plentiful for Rush’s UK wholesale apple clients, as well as customers further afield in the Far East and Middle East. These clients trust the Rush Group as the source of their apples because they know that they can rely on Rush to provide a continual supply of Northern Hemisphere apples delivered at the right price and at the right time.

The Rush Group also has a deep understanding of apples and how best to transport them around the globe. For example, they have introduced the use of Ethylene Sachets for their Northern Hemisphere apples bound for the Far East and Middle East. These sachets help to reduce ethylene gas, thus reducing the rate of ripening. By using these Ethylene Sachets, the fruit’s maturing and ripening process is slowed down, which ensures that a better quality apple is delivered.

So if you are looking for a continual and reliable supply of Northern Hemisphere apples, delivered in top condition, please contact Andrew Chance today.