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October 2015

Seed potato specialists

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October is a busy month in the seed potato calendar, as now is the time that European varieties are starting to be shipped around the world. These potatoes, like tableware potatoes that they will grow into, have their own particular demands.

When it comes to seed potatoes, having technical know-how is particularly important. Rush Group’s agronomist understands these requirements and technical issues, ensuring that their seed potatoes are transported, planted and grown in the correct conditions.

Seed potatoes are generally grown in isolated areas (for example in Scotland and England as well as certain parts of Holland and Germany) to ensure the crops do not succumb to infections and spread disease when they are replanted.

Rush Group’s in-depth seed potato knowledge translates into them knowing the appropriate temperature for transportation, depending on whether the seed potatoes’ growth needs to be supressed or encouraged. They also advise farmers and help them decide which seed potatoes to plant. This will enable their growers to maximise their returns through greater demand for the produce which they have nurtured.

Rush is presently selling their seed potatoes to customers in North Africa and the Middle East, and in about four months they will be doing the same in Europe.

So if you are looking for fully certified, top quality seed potatoes, please contact Guy Burgoyne or Jose Nazare