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January 2016

A reliable and consistent supply of celeriac

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Rush Group is currently doing great business with the ugliest of all root vegetables – celeriac, particularly the most common variety Monarch. Truck-loads are going out on a regular basis to meet the demand for celeriac, especially at this time of year, where it will accompany many a Christmas lunch, as well as Eastern Europe where it has always been a popular vegetable.

Many of Rush Group’s celeriac customers already rely on them for potatoes, so they know that just like their other products, Rush will deliver their celeriac at the right time, at the right quality and at the right price.

At the moment there is a shortage of celeriac in the UK, but because of Rush’s global network of Approved growers, they can supply their customers with celeriac from multiple origins. Celeriac can be a challenging vegetable to grow.  Rush works with a reliable network of growers to ensure the soil structure and nutrient levels offer optimum growing conditions.

Celeriac can be used fresh, or processed for value added items. Sizing can be categorised as follows:

  • 500g – 800g (small) – Retail market

For the retail market the celeriac needs to be white and green in colour, with no visible signs of gingering.  The roots need to be cut off or crowned, and the green leaves removed.

  • 800g – 1200g (large) – Processing

For the processing market, tolerances allow for higher levels of gingering, which is removed prior to processing.  The size also increases to optimise yields.  This ensures the whole crop is utilised and has a value, instead of being categorised as a waste product.

Rush Group can supply both weights; so if you are looking for a consistent supply of celeriac, contact Tom Ebdon today.