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April 2016

Celeriac – the year-round root vegetable

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Celeriac – the ugly sister in the root vegetable family should be considered a thing of beauty in the kitchen. Though its popularity is steadily growing as a winter vegetable, it is woefully under-used in the warmer months. This is a great shame, as this gnarled root is as much at home in a salad as it is in a mash or puree.

Celeriac’s texture makes it a wonderfully versatile vegetable, making it ideal for salads and soups. Crisp in salads and velvety in soups. However it is its taste and flavour that makes this root vegetable exceptional in the kitchen. Like its close relation, celery, celeriac contains something called phthalides – which have been proved to actually improve the flavours of other ingredients. Celeriac’s own flavour is earthy and nutty with a slightly citrusy after taste, making it ideal for summer dishes. It is this mild taste that allows it to be enjoyed raw, and also be served with fish and other delicate ingredients without over-powering them.

Below are a list of recipes, taken from the BBC’s Good Food website, that demonstrate celeriac’s affinity for lighter summer dishes.

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