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November 2017

Seed Potato Update

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The seed crop is going very well, with Angus’/Perthshire’s about to finish. Quality in these regions is very good, and has been lifted in good conditions too. In more northern counties, wet and sticky conditions have also hampered the finish of the last cereal crops.

Scotland Yields
Yields are average due to low tuber numbers. Hermes crops have been badly affected, with some seed tonnage as low down as 5-6tonnes per acre. Skin diseases in the main are good, as is field health.

Rush has excellent stocks of Hermes.

Some crops were behind their Scottish counterparts this year, but generally quality is good, however there is some common scab on some stocks. We previously reported the high level of aphids that affected crops this summer, so it is even more important to know your supplier, stocks and each variety’s reaction.

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