A reliable supply of parsnips

By 9th March 2017Growers, Customers

After a steady start to the growing season, Rush Group’s parsnip crop is gathering pace as the Christmas period draws ever closer. Just like carrots, parsnip prefers light, well-drained soil to create the iconic long roots symbolic of this winter veg. Although grown throughout the UK, Nottinghamshire and East Anglia provide some of the best growing conditions due to their long history associated with root crops.

Rush supplies both retail and processing customers with parsnips that fit their specific requirements. Although certain size fractions are required for some processes, Rush utilises the whole crop where possible in order to reduce food wastage.

The demand for British parsnips, available from July through to April, after which Rush’s Spanish growers come on board, will only increase in the run up to Christmas for both retail and processing sectors. Seasonal products such as honey-glazed parsnip have been staples in the food calendar, but there is an increasing requirement for parsnips, along with carrots for other value added sectors such as the snack industry.

Such customers come to Rush for their parsnips, as they know that thanks to the Group’s network of parsnip growers, they can rely on them to deliver the right product, at the right price and at the right time.

If you are looking for a continuous supply of parsnips, whether for processing or retail, please contact Tom Ebdon.

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