About Rush Group

Growing and providing fresh produce across the world

Rush Group’s ever-expanding global presence combined with their hands-on involvement with the crops alongside in-depth industry knowledge means that the Group can supply their customers with the right product delivered at the right price and at the right time.

Rush’s investment in their own software gives Rush immediate traceability throughout the whole supply chain, resulting in a seamless process with disputes being resolved quickly and efficiently.


Rush Group has a wide and varied collection of road, shipping, rail and air logistics partners around the globe who work with them on a daily basis to get their fresh produce delivered around the world. Rush choose to work with these specialists, as like Rush they understand the need for efficiency and time keeping when dealing with fresh produce.


Rush Group’s product knowledge and expertise means that they know the right vehicle for the right job. They have access to a wide range of trucks, from a curtain sided lorry to a fridge truck – perfect for when the weather is hot and humid and the fresh produce needs to be maintained at its peak condition.


For longer distances and where geography does not allow road or rail, Rush Group chooses to ship its fresh produce. They regularly ship to and from the west coast of America, Russia, The Middle East, the Far East and the Mediterranean, mainly using 40ft high cube reefer containers.


For higher tonnages, rail is far more cost effective than road, as well as being more suitable for longer distances. Rush therefore opts for this method when transporting fresh produce over many miles, especially when/if the rail networks available work well logistically, e.g. the direct rail link from Lodz, Poland to China.

Air Freight

The choice for highly perishable goods that need to get to their destination as quickly as possible. The Group’s enviable level of understanding of the best links between grower and end user is paramount in this form of transport, making them true experts in freighting fresh produce via air across the globe.


The Group’s increasing international presence means:

  • Constant overview of fresh produce industry
  • Offering customers and growers a local contact
  • A credible understanding of different cultures and ways of conducting business