An agronomist – ensuring the right quality of fresh produce 365 days a year

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The role of an agronomist is defined in the dictionary as: ‘an expert in soil management and field-crop production expert’, whilst this is undoubtedly true, in reality an agronomist does so much more.

Rush Group’s agronomist and technical director Jose Nazare adds a valuable input that ensures that every item of fresh produce is grown in and to the right standards and arrives at the clients in the best possible condition. Jose has a degree in agronomy and he travels around the world, dealing with Rush Group’s core product range of potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, onions, cauliflowers, broccoli and apples.

So how does he do this?


The Group’s growers need to meet Rush’s exacting standards before they can start supplying them with fresh produce. Jose thoroughly assesses the quality of the products they grow as well as their adherence to the appropriate certification including GlobalGap, Assured Produce and BRC. Jose also, where necessary, ensures that growers also maintain the correct ethical standards.

Where growers have their own cold storage, Jose also checks that he is happy with its condition.


Getting their fresh produce delivered at peak condition is one of Rush’s main priorities; their agronomist Jose’s technical knowledge ensures that all fresh produce is transported at the correct temperature, meaning that certain vegetables cannot be packed in the same lorry. For example potatoes need to be kept at 7°C, where as sweet potatoes and butternut squash both require 12°C.


Rush Group’s customers can rely on them to be able to provide a full traceability report should the ever need one, Jose’s skill allows him to trace all Rush’s produce from the field to the supermarket shelf, and in reverse should it be required.

Jose’s role at Rush Group is indispensable, as without him the Group could not deliver its promise of delivering a reliable source of fruit and vegetables, at the right rime and at the right price.

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