Brassica – a reliable supply

By 9th October 2017Customers

Rush Group’s promise to supply the right product, at the right price, time and quality, applies equally to brassicas. Their brassica range includes: broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.
Rush Group delivers brassicas on a global level. A range of techniques is employed to ensure all product lines arrive in the best possible condition. This could include basic principles of unbroken cool chains, or the most up to date technology to ensure longevity and shelf life.
Our brassica grower base spreads across the world, allowing us to mitigate transit times, by selecting brassicas from the geographical areas closest to its intended market.
This broad network of trusted growers also allows us to provide brassicas on a daily basis, 365 days per day.


For your reliable supply of brassicas please contact Tom Ebdon

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