The Caribbean – growing trade and changing perception

By 21st January 2015Corporate, Customers

Rush Group has a long history of exporting fresh produce, in particular potatoes and onions to the Caribbean and in recent months the trade partnership has grown and strengthened. Tom Ebdon, who heads up the Group’s Caribbean business has just returned from a business trip where he visited a number of islands to spend valuable time with Rush’s ever-growing number of customers in this area.

Tom had already spent three to four months talking to the various companies in the Caribbean before his trip, some of which were established clients and some new. The one common thread that united all these conversations was the pre-conceived notion that Rush would be more expensive than other Northern European countries such as Holland.

While Tom was in the Caribbean, he took the opportunity to explain that other than price, Rush could offer benefits that would make switching from their normal suppliers highly attractive. This could include shorter transit times to the Caribbean and a year round supply chain.

Tom explains: “ We may not always be the cheapest, but we are always competitive and that is something I tried to get across in my meetings. The Caribbean has a long history of importing its fresh produce from Holland.  Whilst we do not want to hinder this current trade, we would like to offer the diversity which a second supplier can offer.  I explained that our global footprint translates into a more reliable supply base.  Something other companies cannot offer’.

The various Islands’ Phytosanitary requirements are unique to each country and Rush Group’s product and technical knowledge is invaluable. This expertise alongside their ability to supply competitively priced fresh produce 365 days a year, has lead to Rush beginning to supply garlic to this ever growing market place.

If you are in the Caribbean and are looking for a company that not only understands your industry but also the Caribbean market, please contact Tom Ebdon today.


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