Onions, Fruit Logistica 2020

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As we get further into the New Year, there seems to be a steady increase in the amount of both red and brown onions on the market. However, due to the adverse weather conditions while harvesting, not all stock is in the best condition. According to growers at the show, this is apparent not only in the UK but all over Europe.
Nevertheless, there are still decent stocks of good quality packing and processing onions becoming available, with those who harvested in dryer conditions benefiting the most.

Brassicas – Fruit Logistica 2020 overview

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The European brassica needed to show its resilience after this year’s weather. Huge volumes of rain all across Europe caused trouble across the brassica market. In Spain broccoli growers had a particularly hard time due to the cold weather and storms, whereby in the UK and Netherlands rain was the main problem, hindering farms’ ability to get into the fields.
Availability for cabbages in Western Europe seems strong for now, however the affects of this years weather are catching up. Cauliflower and broccoli are a little more sensitive with many buyers having to look outside of the usual areas for reliable supply.

Proud to support FareShare

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FareShare is the UK’s largest food redistribution charity, taking edible surplus food from more than 500 food businesses, including major brands and retailers, and redistributing it to vulnerable people through a UK-wide network of almost 11,000 frontline charities feeding close to 1 million people per week.
In May 2019 Rush group started sending their surplus potatoes to FareShare and have already distributed almost 32 tonnes of potatoes over the summer. That’s enough potatoes to contribute towards 76,000 meals. 
The result of this new partnership has meant that charities and community groups across the UK from Edinburgh down to Brighton have been receiving fresh potatoes that have gone out to over 1400 charities including children’s and family centres, community centres and soup kitchens.

Shula Granville, Commercial Manager at FareShare “A big thank you to Rush Group for sending us your surplus potatoes. Having regular access to fresh vegetables is so vitally important to the charities and community groups that FareShare supports.”

Overview of British Packing potatoes

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The packing market remains depressed, with the bulk of activity happening in the contracted market. The free-buy market is next to non-existent, due to over supply leading to low prices, added to this the potatoes in store remain in good condition, so only exacerbating issues caused by too much crop.
The short-term outlook is that some help might come from overseas as the export retail market has increased, which might help farmers with stock to sell at the end of the season.
Farmers, who supply Rush, benefit from their potatoes given automatic exposure to a wider overseas market, so increasing the marketing opportunities for their potatoes.

For more information please contact James Bulford


Seed Potato Update

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The seed crop is going very well, with Angus’/Perthshire’s about to finish. Quality in these regions is very good, and has been lifted in good conditions too. In more northern counties, wet and sticky conditions have also hampered the finish of the last cereal crops.

Scotland Yields
Yields are average due to low tuber numbers. Hermes crops have been badly affected, with some seed tonnage as low down as 5-6tonnes per acre. Skin diseases in the main are good, as is field health.

Rush has excellent stocks of Hermes.

Some crops were behind their Scottish counterparts this year, but generally quality is good, however there is some common scab on some stocks. We previously reported the high level of aphids that affected crops this summer, so it is even more important to know your supplier, stocks and each variety’s reaction.

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Parsnip experts

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Hands-on approach throughout the entire supply chain

Rush Group’s expertise in parsnip is present from harvesting to delivery.
Upon harvesting, Class 2 & 3 material is removed from the packing line, Rush does this to enable their growers to use the premium roots for retail. This practice also creates a sustainable market for the lower grade crop, avoiding disposal as animal feed.
Rush operates within the UK domestic market for most of the year, excluding summer. In these months, Rush grows its own parsnips in warmer European climates. Every aspect of the crop can be grown to customers’ needs – such as seed density (affecting final crown size) and volumes.
When the parsnips are finally prepared for the Group’s customers, they are stored in fully accredited facilities, engendering a longer shelf life. This in turn allows Rush to offer its customers flexible delivery slots.
If you are either a parsnip grower looking for a profitable market for your parsnips, or a parsnip processor looking for a reliable supply of parsnips, contact Tom Ebdon today.

Brassica – a reliable supply

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Rush Group’s promise to supply the right product, at the right price, time and quality, applies equally to brassicas. Their brassica range includes: broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.
Rush Group delivers brassicas on a global level. A range of techniques is employed to ensure all product lines arrive in the best possible condition. This could include basic principles of unbroken cool chains, or the most up to date technology to ensure longevity and shelf life.
Our brassica grower base spreads across the world, allowing us to mitigate transit times, by selecting brassicas from the geographical areas closest to its intended market.
This broad network of trusted growers also allows us to provide brassicas on a daily basis, 365 days per day.


For your reliable supply of brassicas please contact Tom Ebdon

Offering a profitable home for new crop potatoes

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The United Kingdom is now moving into the new crop potato season, a crop that is looking particularly healthy. Planted areas in the UK are up by 4% and yields are reportedly up too, which in turn has depressed prices, which, subject to any unusual weather, suggests it may be a low price season ahead.
With an over-supplied market, growers who are looking for alternative outlets should consider contacting Rush Group, so that their potato crop can be given global exposure. Rush is one of the UK’s most credit-worthy potato exporters, which means that growers who export their new crop potatoes with Rush have financial peace of mind and a secure route to an overseas market.
Rush’s international network of offices allows us to have a controlled approach to export with strategically positioned offices staffed by native language speakers who understand the market in their area.

If you are looking for a profitable and secure market for your new crop potatoes, please contact James Bulford today.


European carrots 2017

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This year has seen perfect growing conditions for the European carrot crop, resulting in bumper yields and a possible over-supply situation. As we enter the 2017/2018 season, here is a quick round up as Rush Group sees it:
United Kingdom
Now entering the new 2017/18 season with eastern counties such as Norfolk and Suffolk providing the majority of the crop.

The Dutch are a couple of weeks away from the new crop.

The new season started in May, with a lot still to sell, as one of their main markets, the UK is still using the remainder of the Scottish crop, which also started in May. With France only having a narrow window to sell to UK, the French have focused on the domestic market to protect local prices. Much of the old crop was disposed of to make way for the higher value new crop.

The new crop is well under way, with a lot of crop still available.

The downside of the bumper season, is of course that availability outstrips demand – hence countries such as France having to throw away perfectly good crops. Rush has been able to help some of their customers with their carrot crops, thanks to their contacts in the processing sector, growers spread over a wide geographical area and their product knowledge.

Rush is often able to sell an entire crop, thus giving their growers a better financial return, whilst providing their customers with specific sizes of carrot tailored to their particular processing requirement. The processing market is growing fast, thanks to consumers’ changing tastes in the way they eat vegetables.

For more infomation on our European carrots, please contact Tom Ebdon