A constant supply of quality apples throughout Europe

By 11th November 2013Growers, Customers

Rush Group strives to achieve a reliable supply of apples for the UK market 365 days a year. Efficient supply chains mean popular varieties such as Royal Gala, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious are readily available alongside a much wider selection.  This allows for greater flexibility and the ability to meet our customers exacting demands.

The Group is able to supply wholesalers, packers, food service companies and importers with a dependable source of apples 52 weeks a year due to their widespread supply base across Europe and the Southern Hemisphere.

Although the apple market is new to the Rush Group, their established network of offices allows them to maintain a competitive advantage.  For example, the Group’s network of European offices, most notably Poland the largest apple-growing region in the world, as well as Malaysia gives them a competitive edge over other established players. Their determination to strive for excellence in produce trading will soon make this top fruit line as successful as their vegetable lines.

Rush’s commitment to providing customers with the apples they want has led the Group to develop a bushel branded box, Crunch. The brand aims to supply good quality, reliable eastern European apples that can be trusted.

Crunch is due to launch later this month.

If you require a reliable source of quality apples 365 days a year, please contact Andrew today.

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