A reliable source of fruit and vegetables on a global level, 52 weeks a year

Rush Group’s ability to supply their clients with a continual supply of fresh produce throughout the year is the main reason for companies and individuals choosing Rush.

The Group’s international client base includes supermarkets, category managers, processing factories, wholesale markets and catering companies, who realise that Rush’s network of farmers around the world and specific product knowledge means whenever other suppliers are struggling, Rush Group can usually deliver.

Whilst Rush’s network of offices are spread out across the world their product base is focused, with a carefully chosen selection of fruit and vegetables forming the foundation of their business. This ensures that everything Rush Group grows and delivers is handled by experts, thus all criteria and protocols are met, including audit trails and traceability.

Rush’s cutting-edge technology guarantees that all fruit and vegetables are delivered exactly as ordered. It supplies Rush Group with photographs sent by the agronomist in the field as well as detailed quality control reports.

The Group handles all the documentation and logistics, guaranteeing any fresh produce provided by meets all international compliance standards.

If you are looking for a financially sound company to provide you with a reliable supply of fruit and vegetables, either contact your nearest office or select one of our specific fresh produce categories.