Egypt – providing a reliable supply of quality fresh produce, 365 days a year

By 30th October 2013Growers, Customers

Rush Group’s promise to offer fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year means that they need to have growers in a variety of areas around the world, to ensure they fulfil this statement.

One such geographical area is Egypt; this country’s growers have been supplying Rush Group with a steady supply of potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions for over five years, at a time of year when Rush’s European growers can no longer meet demand. Egypt is seasonally advantageous for growing these vegetables as the weather is consistent and the soil type is excellent for growing the well-known European varieties that Rush’s customers demand.

Rush Group’s cultural sensitivity, product knowledge and logistics expertise means that the supply of their fresh vegetables from Egypt is seamless. Rush Group understands all the certification and protocols that need to be met when shipping fresh produce from outside the European Union including all phytosanitary requirements.

Egypt also has the benefit of producing top quality potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions at a price that is highly competitive for a Middle East supplier at a time of year when Europe is no longer a viable option.

So despite the current problems in the whole of the Middle East, Egypt still remains an important growing territory for Rush Group, as their climate, location and growing conditions help ensure that Rush Group’s customers receive top quality fresh produce every day of the year – wherever they are.

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