Egyptian Potatoes, a consistent reliable supply

By 17th February 2014Growers, Customers

Rush Group’s ability to supply its customers with a steady supply of potatoes at the right time, the right quality and the right price, is founded on a wide network of farmers and suppliers, which includes those in Egypt.

The Group’s links with Egypt means that there is a constant source of potatoes for consumption and processing from January to August – in particular the Lady Rosetta and Hermes varieties. The added benefit being that the potatoes that Rush Group ships from Egypt are from a new crop rather than potatoes that have been in a cold store for a few months.

The Group is attracted to importing potatoes from Egypt because:

  •  It has plenty of arable land
  • The potatoes are of the right quality
  • It provides a reliable source of potatoes
  • It has stable conditions
  • It is geographically advantageous for exporting to Europe, Russia, Middle East and Far East.

Rush Group’s Egyptian suppliers also have the advantage of farming on virgin desert soil, that is disease and pest-free. They also only work with fully certified farms that employ ethical farming methods.

If you want a reliable supply of consumption and processing potatoes, delivered at the right time and at the right price, please contact Guy Burgoyne today.

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