Emerald Athletic FC in Wolverhampton, England

By 25th February 2019In The Community

This football team, which counts Rush employee Joe Yates as one of its players, is the latest to be sponsored by The Group. Emerald Athletic FC was formed in 1984, starting life in Division 6 of the Wolverhampton Sunday League, eventually finding our way up to Division 3 for the 99/00 season after back to back promotions. They then rose to Division 1 for 08/09 season, and then in 2014 reached the Premier League.

The team has occupied 5th or 6th place in the Premier League, with the 17/18 season being arguably their most successful to date. They reached two cup finals, their first since the year 2000, the Premier Cup, and the prestigious Birmingham County Cup.

Joe has been playing for the club for nearly six years.

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