European carrots – right time and right quality

By 15th March 2016Customers

Normally at this time of year, Rush Group and everyone else would still be offering UK carrots to their customers, however this year all of this has changed.

Due to the bad weather at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, the UK carrot industry is suffering from material loss. Normally, UK carrots are happy to sit under water for short periods of time, but the prolonged wet period followed by a mild one has led to viruses and bacteria infecting the carrots –sadly these carrots do not meet the exacting standards set by Rush Group customers.

So the Group is having to start its International carrot programme early, drawing on French, Israeli, Spanish and Portuguese crops to satisfy demand. This international network of carrot farmers ensures that their customers (including packers, processors and wholesalers) get a continual supply of carrots throughout the year.

But what about quality? Having the right carrot is just as important as having a reliable supply, and it is Rush’s European agronomist Jose Nazare who plays the vital role in ensuring the quality of Rush’s carrots matches the customers’ requirements. Jose travels around the Group’s farmers on a regular basis, checking the quality of the carrots and sorting all matters relating to accreditation and audit.

It is this combination of the right quality of carrot delivered at the right time, that has led to the Group’s customers relying on Rush for a constant supply, they feel confident that the orders they are putting in for Summer 2016 will be met and fulfilled on every level.

If you are looking for a reliable supply of carrots, please contact Tom Ebdon today.

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