Exporting crisping potatoes to The Caribbean

By 27th May 2015Customers

Rush Group is exporting increasing amounts of crisping potatoes to the Caribbean and Latin America. Their crisping potatoes come from Europe with the most popular varieties being Lady Claire, Lady Rosetta and Hermes. These potatoes are good for crisping because they have the correct balance of starch, sugar and dry matter.

Crisping potatoes are one of Rush Group’s biggest products for export on the global platform, which has given them the expertise and technology to successfully transport set skin potatoes over long distances. On a daily basis, the Group is shipping fresh produce on journeys that can take up to 25 days, and through expert management of temperature and atmosphere, the fruit and vegetables invariably arrive in perfect condition.

Rush Group’s Caribbean and Latin American crisping potato clients are placing orders with them as the Group adds security and diversity to their supply chain. In other words their crisping potato clients, as well as many other of their clients, see Rush Group as a valuable addition (rather than relying on a singular source) to their supplier list, meaning they can be assured of a constant competitively priced product 52 weeks a year.

This ability to provide a reliable supply of crisping potatoes comes from Rush’s wide network of farmers, so as one region’s crop is finishing another one is starting. This benefit is important to all of Rush’s customers, but none more so than their crisping potato clients, as their product is popular and in demand throughout the year.

If you are in the Caribbean or Latin America and are looking for a competitive and regular supply of crisping potatoes, then please contact Tom Ebdon today.

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