Exporting fresh produce to Singapore and the whole of SE Asia

By 27th January 2014Customers

Rush Group has been exporting fresh produce, particularly potatoes, onions and apples for the past 10 years to South East Asia. This experience and expertise in the fresh produce industry in South East Asia has led to Rush Group becoming a market leader in exporting potatoes to this region. With such valuable experience in this global area, it is no surprise that food importers in Singapore, a country that imports all its food, should be looking at companies such as Rush to provide them with fresh produce. Europe has also long been regarded as growing top quality produce that far exceeds the standards normally on offer in this region, which goes some way to explain the fact that European products are deemed expensive in this region. However with Singapore’s ever-growing middle class, cost is becoming less of an issue, as there is an increasing market for top quality produce, even if it comes at a slightly higher cost. Potatoes in particular are proving to be an increasingly popular vegetable; especially crisping varieties, pre-packed washed potatoes for supermarkets and organics. Rush Group has very strong buying power in these areas, with a wide range of growers in New Zealand, Australia, America, the Netherlands and Germany. This ability to buy fresh produce at a competitive price, combined with Rush Group’s expertise in logistics (both air and sea freight), and an actual physical presence in Malaysia, means that Rush Group is well placed to provide Singapore and the rest of South East Asia with a reliable supply of potatoes and other fresh produce 365 days a year. If you are a South East Asian fresh produce importer, looking for a reliable source of quality fruit and vegetables, please contact Rush Group today.

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