Exporting garlic to the Caribbean

By 28th July 2014Corporate, Customers

With garlic being one of the three most popular fresh produce items that the Caribbean imports, it made sense for Rush Group to refocus their efforts, by way of this pungent bulb, on their existing and new Caribbean clients.

The Group can export Chinese white garlic, mainly from China and Spain, due to the quantity this country produces, Argentina, known for its stronger and richer taste, and Egypt, probably Rush’s main supplier.

Rush exports garlic mainly to Trinidad, Tobago, Puerto Rico and Barbados, as it is these countries that order enough, enabling Rush to offer their clients in these specific islands, the most competitive prices. Exporting garlic to the Caribbean requires in depth technical skill, such as storing the garlic at the correct ambient temperature and understanding the different specifications that this diverse product has to offer. Rush’s skill ensures that any garlic that is exported, always reaches its final destination in the best possible condition.

The Group is able to supply its Caribbean clients with garlic, 52 weeks a year, but it is not just this constant supply that makes them attractive to its Caribbean customers, according to Tom Ebdon, who deals with this region, it is because his clients want a variety of suppliers rather than relying on one. Also it goes without saying that price is also high on the list of priorities.

If you are in the Caribbean, and looking for a reliable, competitive supply of garlic, 365 days a year, please contact Tom Ebdon today.

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