Exporting potatoes and carrots to Dubai made easy

By 2nd August 2015Customers

Last year Rush Group started to export carrots and potatoes to Dubai and this year the trend is only set to increase.


The Dubai market is hungry for potatoes 365 days a year. The European season is deemed as a premium market, and it is during this season Rush can provide Dubai with European potatoes from multiple countries. As well as filling a void regarding seasonality, they are also a desirable product, highly prized by this region.



Rush Group’s carrot trade to Dubai is also steadily growing, which is partly down to their ability to compete with Australia and New Zealand regarding hydro-cooled products. This method of bringing the temperature down to 1-2 °C, puts the carrots into a dormant state, and thus extends their shelf life.

Rush’s supply of carrots, like their potatoes also fills a gap in Dubai’s market, primarily, the demand for high quality goods with a good shelf life. Hydro cooling, means that they can now compete with Australia and Southern Hemisphere markets, (especially on transit time and service levels), by providing an alternative supply for the Middle East.

Rush Group’s understanding of the Dubai market along with the introduction of the following innovative, customer-led measures will hopefully make 2015 even more successful.

Logistics at Dubai PortRush is aiming to reduce the negative effects of Demurrage and Detention charges. The Group is currently in negotiations with the necessary authorities to increase the amount of ‘free time’ allotted to each shipment, and thus reduce the probability of its customers being hit with these expensive penalties.

Delivery to customers’ door

In line with reducing demurrage and detention, Rush is also introducing its door-to-door delivery service. The Group is looking to start a service that will allow them to unload their customers’ cargo straight from the ship and then have it delivered straight to their customer. This service aims to reduce the time allocating a clearance agent, speeding up the whole process and in so doing, reducing the possibility of paying for demurrage and detention.

If you are based in Dubai and looking for a reliable and continuous supply of potatoes and carrots delivered at the right time and at the right price, please contact Rush today.



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