Exporting UK onions to Eastern Europe

By 21st March 2016Growers, Customers

Rush Group is currently exporting small onions from the UK to customers in Eastern Europe. Onions smaller than 65mm are used in the UK for value packs and the wholesale markets, but are often the favoured size amongst Eastern European consumers.

The UK onions that Rush are exporting are going mainly to Eastern European wholesale markets and supermarket packers, and these supply lines will continue until the stored-crop season ends at the end of April/beginning of May.

Rush Group’s East European offices in Hungary and Poland have been instrumental in developing the demand for UK onions and it is their local knowledge that has enabled Rush Group to provide their Eastern European customers with the right onions at the right time. Having offices ‘on the ground’ also gives the Group’s customers added confidence, because there are native-speaking personnel close at hand to deal with requirements and queries.

Rush is also exporting red onions to the same region, but in this case there is demand across the size spectrum from 40 to 90mm.

If you are therefore looking for a reliable supply of onions, or have onions to sell, whatever the size or colour, please contact Nat Bacon today.


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