Exporting UK onions to Malaysia

Rush Group are taking advantage of current political and economic markets and are starting to export UK onions to their offices in South East Asia. With three containers a week making their way to Malaysian supermarkets, they are demonstrating that the UK can compete with other European countries with onion prices, shipping, and specific retail packaging types.

Gaining industry knowledge from relationships at either end of the supply chain has allowed Rush Group to break into these Malaysian markets with onions. Nat Bacon says: “Malaysia has very specific packing and labelling requirements, which the UK may not necessarily be experienced with being a net importer of fresh produce. These customers generally like small onions packed in specially branded and labelled 9kg and 15kg nets so we are working hard with the packing stations to comply with these requests and make the business a success.”

“The quality of British produce generally out-competes anything in the market and with a large number of ex-pats living in Malaysia as well, there could be a long and successful presence for UK brands in South East Asia.”

If you are based in South East Asia and looking for a reliable supply of competitively priced UK onions, please contact Rush Group today.

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