Finding a market for all sizes of British potatoes

By 2nd February 2015Growers, Customers

Rush Group prides itself on being able to find a home for nearly all sizes and quality of potatoes that their farmers grow for them.

So, how do we do that?

In a nutshell, Rush Group has a global presence. We can penetrate the fresh produce market at a wide variety of levels, and reach supermarkets, packers, wholesale markets, caterers and processing factories. It is this broad range of potential clients that helps Rush find a profitable market for all sizes and shapes of their farmers’ potatoes.

Market knowledge

Rush Group has offices and contacts all over the world, interacting with the fresh produce market on a daily basis. This industry knowledge translates into Rush Group being able to find clients who are interested in all potato specifications and not just the obvious ones. This knowledge is further deepened by the fact that Rush Group employees have their own specific geographical and product territories. This targeted approach means that as well as having a good broad overview of the industry; each team member has a specific market and region in which they have a greater and hence more profitable understanding.

Small potatoes to Western Europe

A good example of Rush Group’s expertise in this area is its recent trade of small potatoes to Western Europe. These potatoes are without a good skin finish, and are too small for stock feed and they would normally be dumped.

However Rush Group has found a profitable home for these small potatoes (a wide variety of round or oval-shaped potatoes, including Maris Peer, Gemson, Carlingford and Melody), which translates into farmers being able to sell a crop that would normally be thrown away.

In a difficult year for British potato farmers, Rush Group’s dynamism, flexibility and product knowledge has meant that they have found a home for a redundant product.

If you are a British potato farmer looking for a market for your entire crop, please contact James Bulford.

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