From seed potato to potato harvest

By 11th November 2015Corporate, Customers

Rush Group’s commitment to be involved with its crop from seed to sale is no more relevant than with its potatoes.

A hand-picked collection of Rush Group’s trusted potato farmers have been given the seed potatoes for next year’s crop, enabling the Group to be involved and in control of the entire process. The potatoes that are yielded from this crop, eight months later, will then be bought back by Rush, to fulfil orders, some of which will be placed in advance.

Rush’s potato growers like this arrangement, as they know that they will have a crop that will yield well. This is because they have been provided with seed potatoes that because of both Rush’s and the farmers’ knowledge are suitable for their particular soil and climate. Added to this, is that the crop should have a profitable market, based on Rush’s understanding of and experience in, the potato market. The farmers also have the assurance that will get paid for the crop they are growing, rather than leaving it to chance.

The Group’s customers also benefit from this method, as they can be confident that they know in advance exactly what potatoes they will be receiving. They are secure in the knowledge that the combination of Rush’s reliable supply base and technical product knowledge, translates into the right crop being grown and being delivered in the right condition at the right price.

This hands-on approach to its crop has proved highly successful for Rush and is going from strength to strength. Guy Burgoyne says: “ We have been carrying out this method for a while now with great success, so now is the right time to spread the news. This practice is particularly popular with our customers in the supermarket, catering, wholesale and packing sectors, as we are able to grow to order for them – which means no last minute panics, as they know what they are going to get.”

If you are interested in growing potatoes for, or buying potatoes from Rush Group, please contact Guy Burgoyne



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