Hydrocooled potatoes

By 17th December 2015Growers, Customers

Hydrocooling – the act of immersing freshly harvested fruit and vegetables into chilled water. A process that has for a long time, been very popular in Australia and USA is now growing in prominence in the United Kingdom and Rush Group is one of the first fresh produce companies within the British Isles to take advantage of this modern technology and apply it to potatoes.

This effective method of cooling produce, which helps delay the unavoidable decaying process, has for a long time been used on root vegetables such as carrots, is now being used by Rush in regards to its potato crop.

The potatoes are washed in extremely cold water – around 2°C, thus keeping the tuber very cold and so lengthening the life of the potato, and as long as they are kept cold they can maintain in this state for up to eight weeks. Whilst there are of course other methods for prolonging the life of potatoes, hydrocooling has the benefit of

  •  Cooling potatoes rapidly (about 15 times faster than air).
  • No water is removed from the produce
  • Can be applied to all types and varieties of potatoes
  • Washing the potatoes

This last point is particularly popular with Rush Group’s customers as they like washed potatoes, because they look presentable and also it saves them money on washing the potatoes themselves.

Rush is currently progressing trade in hydrocooled potatoes around the world, and their customers understand that while these potatoes maybe more expensive, they are worth the extra cost as there is less waste and it is more convenient to pack.

Rush’s hydrocooled potatoes are currently available, so if you are looking for a top quality washed potato, contact James Bulford today.


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