Investment in marketing – good news for growers and customers alike

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Why are you receiving this newsletter?  A good question.

Rush Group has recently updated their website (, invested in e-shot software and entered the world of social media. Why? Because they are committed to working with best growers in order to supply their customers with a reliable source of fresh produce at the right time and at the right price. So how do their new marketing systems achieve this?


The new website has been built with search engine optimisation in mind, which in real terms means that when a customer or supplier searches for say – broccoli in Google, our new website will help Rush score more highly in the results that Google displays. More importantly this means that growers looking for a market for their crop and customers looking for the right supplier can find Rush more quickly and efficiently than before.

Due to the international nature of the Group’s business, the new website is now also in French and German. Rush chose these languages, as they relate to a wide number in their client base, alongside reflecting some of the languages spoken in their offices around the world.


You may have already received one of Rush Group’s e-shots; these are a simple fast and effective way of letting customers know what they have for them and for informing growers what they need. With their detailed and flexible database system, the Group can target exactly who and where to send their e-shots, meaning that they do not fill up your in-box with irrelevant information.


Social media

The fresh produce industry has now taken social media to its heart. Rush Group are now on Twitter and Facebook – so why not follow Rush and/or like Rush and keep up to date with all the latest industry news.


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