Investment in technology – changing the perception of Polish apples

By 21st January 2015Growers, Corporate, Customers

Over the past decade, Poland has made significant investments into top fruit production. Focus on the development of better-organised grower groups has led to Poland becoming an apple producing region that rivals France and Italy.

A vast amount has been invested into orchard development and post-harvest operations. This investment leaves Polish growers with some of the most sophisticated facilities across Europe. An impressive example of this is the increased CA storage capacity which is up nearly 650 000 tonnes in the last ten years and will be over 1 million tonnes in the not-so-distant future. Another example is the investment taken by some of Rush Groups growers to install hail nets, worth up to €70 000 per ha.

Investments into Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) storage, a system that inhibits and delays the physiological processes in stored fruit, has extended the marketability of the growers fruit for up to nine months (variety dependant).

Improvements in grading systems have also increased the reliability of Polish apples. Optical graders are now common place and Rush Group with its dedicated growers strive to ensure that what you order is what you get.

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