Knowing one’s onions – a reliable supply 365 days a year

By 10th December 2013Growers, Customers

Rush Group’s promise to supply their customers with fresh produce 52 weeks of the year, applies equally to onions as it does to their other core product line of: potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, avocados, cauliflowers, broccoli and apples.

This staple food is in strong demand throughout the year, so it is vital that Rush Group can meet its customers’ orders for brown/yellow, red, shallots and any other requested onions on a regular basis. Rush can achieve this by having an international network of growers. From June to January the Group sources its onions from Europe, whilst from February to May their onions arrive from Mediterranean countries and the Southern Hemisphere to ensure continuation of supply.

Rush Group’s clients choose to get their onions from Rush, as due to their wide grower base the Group can supply them with the best and freshest quality produce either straight from the field or from correct, well-regulated storage facilities.

Growers are also keen to supply Rush Group with onions, as they know that the Group can normally find a suitable home for everything they grow. It is Rush Group’s understanding of the onion market that allows them to achieve this.

Top quality, 40-90mm                                            Supermarkets

Secondary quality, 40-90mm                                Markets

Tertiary quality, 40-80mm                                    Processing

So if you are looking for a regular and efficient supply of onions and shallots, delivered at the right cost and at the right time, please email Nat Bacon today.

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