Malaysian Tomatoes in Dubai

By 13th March 2017Uncategorized

Malaysian tomatoes are now firmly established as a must have item on the supermarket shelves in Dubai. They are found in all the major outlets such as Spinneys, Carrefour, Union Corp and even Choithrams Online store.

The quality of the Malaysian tomatoes, with its crunchy texture, sweet and sour taste, goes very well with Middle-Eastern cooking and especially for salsa and salads. Aesthetically, they look much better than tomatoes from India, Morocco, Tunisia and Oman. For supermarkets, the main advantage is its longer shelf life compared to the others.

The tomatoes are grown in Cameron Highlands, where the altitude is around 1,200m above sea level. The temperature is cooler here and with 10 hours of sunshine, it created a perfect environment for tomatoes to flourish.

The first shipments of Malaysian tomatoes arrived in Dubai in 2008. From a humble beginning of 150 tonnes a year then, this market has grown to just under 8,000 tonnes a year in 2015. Rush Group has been instrumental in increasing the volume. To date, Rush supplies about 25% of the total volume of Malaysian tomatoes arriving in Dubai.

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