Middle East’s hunger for European carrots

By 17th November 2015Customers

Rush is currently busy exporting European carrots to the Middle East, in particular Dubai.

The carrots that the Group are exporting come mainly from Poland, France, Netherlands and the UK, as opposed to China (value packs) and Australia (premium product), from where the Middle East normally imports their carrots. As well as getting a top quality vegetable, the proximity of Europe to say Dubai, also has the added benefit of reducing food miles.

Rush Group’s decision to start exporting carrots to this region was born out of the fact that it already has an established market for potatoes, apples and onions in the Middle East, giving them a deep understanding of the fresh produce trade in this area. For example, their prior experience has taught them all the necessary phytosanitary requirements; combine this with their carrot expertise generally, and it is obvious to see why they are doing such great business.

Presently, the most popular varieties they are exporting includes Belgrado and Newark. Belgrado is a parallel sided variety offering good yields when processed, whilst Newark is suited for the retail sector with tapered ends and an attractive appearance.

Rush’s customers in the Middle East are in both the fresh and processing markets. For the Fresh markets, the Group supplies varieties that are 20mm – 40mm, clean and packed into 10kg boxes. The processing customers receive 40mm+ carrots in one tonne bulk bags and not always washed.

Tom Ebdon says: “One of the major advantages Rush has, is its product knowledge and carrots are no different.  Rush’s knowledge of carrots allows them to manage market fluidity and provide a reliable supply from anywhere in the world.”

If you are based in The Middle East and are interested in European carrots, please contact Tom Ebdon.

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