Mongolian potatoes

By 4th August 2014Growers, Corporate, Customers

Rush Group has recently started growing their own crisping potatoes in Inner Mongolia, specifically for customers in South East Asia. After much research, the Group chose Baotou, for a number of reasons, including its climate, which is favourable, due to it being on the same latitude as Europe.

This Province, unlike those in Southern China, is large enough to allow farming on the scale that is required to serve the customer’s needs, but also due to the area’s climate, there are no new crops waiting to be planted once Rush’s potatoes have been harvested. This factor, again unlike Southern China, means there is no hurry to get the potatoes out of the ground, so Rush’s potatoes can be left in the earth for skin setting.

The growers were hand-picked by Rush and their customer to ensure that they had the correct experience, with a proven track record in being able to handle the quantity and quality of crisping potatoes both Rush and their client expected.

The crop, expected to be a healthy one is being closely monitored by Rush’s Asian Director Chris Lioe to ensure these crisping potatoes meet the exacting quality controls that lie ahead. The varieties being grown are Atlantic and Rosetta and Chris is being sent photographs every week, he will then visit Baotou six weeks before the crop is ready for harvest, to organise transport, warehousing, grading, packing and shipping. He will then return again to oversee the harvest of these potatoes, before they are exported to the customer.

If you are looking for a reliable source of crisping potatoes, please contact Chris Lioe today

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