Parsnip experts

By 10th October 2017Customers

Hands-on approach throughout the entire supply chain

Rush Group’s expertise in parsnip is present from harvesting to delivery.
Upon harvesting, Class 2 & 3 material is removed from the packing line, Rush does this to enable their growers to use the premium roots for retail. This practice also creates a sustainable market for the lower grade crop, avoiding disposal as animal feed.
Rush operates within the UK domestic market for most of the year, excluding summer. In these months, Rush grows its own parsnips in warmer European climates. Every aspect of the crop can be grown to customers’ needs – such as seed density (affecting final crown size) and volumes.
When the parsnips are finally prepared for the Group’s customers, they are stored in fully accredited facilities, engendering a longer shelf life. This in turn allows Rush to offer its customers flexible delivery slots.
If you are either a parsnip grower looking for a profitable market for your parsnips, or a parsnip processor looking for a reliable supply of parsnips, contact Tom Ebdon today.

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