Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, brassicas are the powerhouses of the vegetable kingdom. With its long history, the brassica group provides more types of vegetables than any other genus. Brassicas are members of the brassicaceae or mustard family, formerly known as the cruciferae or crucifer family; hence they are also called crucifers.

Country / Origin Availability
Kenya Jan – March, May – Aug
Peru May – October
Guatemala Jan – December
Egypt Jan – April, Nov – Dec

Packing options:

Cauliflowers size 6 (heads from 14-16 cm) in 6 kg carton
Cauliflowers size 8 (heads from 11-13cm) in 6 kg carton
Broccoli 350-500 g (12 pc) in 6 kg carton
Broccoli 500 g + (10 pc) in 6 kg carton

Please contact your local office to discuss your brassica requirements.