Potato Juice – the new super food

By 1st July 2014Corporate

Everyone knows about the health properties of juicing fruit and vegetable, but one vegetable has been keeping its health properties under the radar – until now that is.

What is this new super food? The humble potato. Read on to discover how potato juice can really benefit you (according to current thinking amongst nutritionists).

12 Benefits of Potato Juice

1. Potato juice is a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent, it works well for arthritis and all the other forms of inflammatory diseases, aches and pains, particularly joint pain and back pain. Potato juice also increases circulation throughout the body.

2. Potato juice is very alkaline and so works to alkalize the body in order to prevent diseases such as cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

3. Potato juice is great for eczema and even acne helping to clear up your skin in no time.

4. Potato juice can help you lose weight, take one cup of potato juice in the morning before breakfast… and in the evening two to three hours before going to bed.

5. Potato juice works wonders for gout… flushing out the uric acid from your body.

6. Potato juice lowers cholesterol too.

7. Potato juice also works well as an inexpensive detoxing agent too; it flushes out your liver and gallbladder. Potato juice has been used in Japan and other places in the world to treat hepatitis with good results.

8. There are studies showing that potato juice works well for treating pancreatitis and kidney disease. There is also some evidence that potato juice also works well for diabetes and high blood pressure.

9. Potato juice prevents the formation of calcium stones in the urinary tract.

10. Potato juice has also been used for the treatment of tumours and cancer, in fact red and purple potatoes contain high amounts of anthocyanins that stop the growth of cancer cells. Yellow and orange-fleshed potatoes contain lots of zeaxanthin, which is linked to good eyesight.

11. Potato juice being alkaline is great for soothing the gastrointestinal tract, curing indigestion, and helping with excess acid.

12. Potato Juice is full of Vitamins A, C, B’s, and phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, zeaxanthin, fibre, and protein!

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