Potato market in Western Europe

By 26th February 2015Growers, Customers

The potato market in Western Europe is presently suffering from huge over-production. This situation, which is affecting the United Kingdom, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Ireland, has been brought about by the excellent growing conditions from planting through to harvesting.

Whilst there is a glut of potatoes, there is still fairly strong demand for top quality potatoes. The quality of a lot of the potatoes currently in store is deteriorating quicker than is normally expected, due to the wet August in the main production areas. The main problems that these potatoes are suffering from are tuber blemish diseases including Silver Scurf and Black Dot.

For potato farmers whose potatoes are top quality and have retained their skin finish, there is still a healthy market for their crop, especially in Eastern and Northern Europe.

Regarding second-quality potatoes, Rush can offer some, if limited, opportunities for these potatoes.

If you are a potato farmer looking for a wider market for your crop, whatever the quality, please contact Rush Group today.

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