Providing potatoes, onions and more to Eastern Europe

By 21st January 2015Corporate, Customers

Rush Group is continuing to expand its presence in Eastern Europe, with the company now also covering Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece.

Rush has the considerable advantage of having Hajnalka Erdos, a native Hungarian, looking after this area. The combination of having an office in the heart of the region run by a local helps overcome many obstacles normally associated with the fresh produce industry. The product range is wide and varied and includes, potatoes, onions, cabbages, cauliflower and broccoli, but with an ever-growing demand from a region that is not agriculturally self-supportive, this list is only going to expand.

Rush’s global network of farmers and suppliers is really helping the company gain a strong foothold in Eastern Europe as they can offer their customers competitive prices and top quality crops, due to the Group’s ability to source fresh produce on a world wide scale. It is this broad scope approach that has helped them compete in an already competitive market. Hajnalka admits that having access to a global market, through her colleagues work and knowledge, has been invaluable. She says: “It might seem to the outside world that I am on my own in Hungary, but nothing could be further from the truth – the reality is that I can talk to my colleagues all over the world and then use that information to give my customers here in Eastern Europe well-priced, top quality fresh produce.”

Looking to the future, there is a feeling that, as the countries Hajnalka deals with change and develop, some of Rush’s competitors will fall by the way side. There will be more of a focus on companies who are looking to form long-term relationships with their clients, rather than just looking to make a quick profit and move on. Rush’s longevity offers its customers stability and reliability, which in today’s current market is a valuable commodity.

Hajnalka is also passionate about the produce that is grown in her territory. She concedes that being Hungarian might make her biased but she says: “ Due to the hot summers in Eastern Europe the sugar content (brix) of the local vegetables gives them a really sweet taste. I am really looking forward to growing my product range, to include Hungarian sweet corn, asparagus, Champion mushrooms, Serbian blackcurrants or Croatian mandarins, so people can get to taste for themselves, how great local produce tastes.”

So if you are based in Eastern Europe and looking for a reliable source of fresh produce, please contact Hajnalka today.

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