Providing the United Kingdom with a constant source of cauliflowers

By 16th December 2013Growers, Customers

Rush Group’s office in Poland currently exports a steady and reliable supply of quality cauliflowers to the United Kingdom. The Polish side of the Group, puts down the number of cauliflowers they export to: great quality, the right packaging, accurate sizing and of course a good price. The main customer for these cauliflowers is supermarkets, as these vegetables are not commonly used in processing.

The varieties of cauliflowers, Rush Group supply mean that the Group can almost supply these vegetables, packed in 6-8 pieces per box, 365 days a year.

Variety                                       Harvest

Opaal                                                          10th May – 30th May

Solis F1                                                      10th May – 10th June

Abeni F1                                                    20th May – 25th June

Aerospace F1                                           10th June – 15th July, 15th Sep – 25th Oct

Balboa F1                                                  10th June  – 15th July

Bruce F1                                                     1st June – 30th June, 15th Sep – 25th Oct

Fortaleza F1                                             15th June – 30th Oct

Cornell F1                                                15th June – 30th Oct

Faraday F1                                               25th June – 30th Oct

Cadillac F1                                               1st Aug – 10th Nov

Lecanu F1                                                20th June – 30th Oct

Telergy F1                                               10th June – 15th July, 1st Sept – 30th Oct

Vespucci F1                                              1st July – 30th Oct

Aquata F1                                                 15th Sept – 30th Oct

If you need a reliable source of quality cauliflowers, please email Marcin today.

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