A reliable supply of salad potatoes

By 24th May 2016Customers

It’s that time of year – Easter has been and gone, which means it is time for salad potatoes. However this year there is a reported shortage, due to the fact that farmers have cut back on planted acreage.

Salad potatoes are, comparatively, an expensive crop to grow, and last year’s low prices due to global oversupply has made potato farmers more risk averse which makes planting more price-stable crops seem preferable. This decreased planted area, combined with lower average yields due to the colder weather during the early part of the growing season, has resulted in a lack of supply to the market.

However, due to their history and product knowledge – the Group’s roots are based in the Cornish salad potato industry, Rush can still supply salad potatoes on a regular basis, even when there is a global shortage. So how can they do this?

1) Farmers
The Group’s salad potato farmers are located over large parts of UK and the Mediterranean, giving Rush a good growing base.

2) Agronomists and Territory Managers
They play an important role, as regards quality control. They have recently visited a number of farms in Europe looking at the quality of the contracted material and can report that ‘things are looking good’.

3) Logistics and storage
The Group’s expertise, including their range of strategically placed storage depots in UK, Croatia and the Netherlands, means that their salad potatoes can be delivered quickly and efficiently all over the Continent, ensuring the crop arrives in the best possible condition.

4) Network of offices
The Group’s offices around Europe provide ‘on the ground’ knowledge that allows the Group to give their salad potato customers exactly what they want.

5) Industry knowledge and experience
The old adage, right crop at the right time, has never been so true as it is with salad potatoes this season. However probably the most influential factor enabling Rush to supply salad potatoes even when short, is industry knowledge and experience, as without this, all the potato farmers, agronomists and depots would not amount to much.

So to ensure you are not left short, get in touch with James Bulford today.

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