Rush Group grows its own sweet potatoes

By 19th May 2016Customers

In the sweet potato calendar, September is normally a difficult month, as this is when the American market starts drying up; their shipping has come to an end and the new season is yet to start.

Rush Group, in order to keep to their promise of ‘supplying sweet potatoes 52 weeks a year’ has decided to grow its own sweet potatoes in Portugal to help overcome the shortage in supply from America.

Rush Group has chosen to grow its sweet potatoes in Portugal because the climate is excellent, they have a trusted group of farmers who have grown for them in the past and the Group’s technical director is based here.

Rush Group’s sweet potatoes will be ready in September and the following two-month period. They should be of excellent quality, and will be cured as all American sweet potatoes are.

Sam Crocker of Rush Group says: “The Portuguese sweet potato industry is in its infancy, and I know there is a view that Europe cannot compete with America. We are not trying to compete; we just want to ensure there is a supply of sweet potatoes in September to keep our customers satisfied. Also with our technical director being on hand throughout the whole growing process, we are confident that the quality of our first crop will meet our clients’ requirements.”

If you are looking for a year-long reliable supply of sweet potatoes, please contact Sam Crocker today

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