Rush Group – now supplying fresh produce in Africa

By 5th May 2016Corporate

Rush Group has recently opened a new satellite office in Africa – in Zambia to be precise. Andrew Chance (who heads up the operation) explains why.

“ I am a native, and have first-hand experience of the area. This continent is so fertile and the population is ever-expanding, so the opportunities are great for both exporting and importing of fresh produce. The Rush ethos is to always try to have someone ‘on the ground,’ as the local knowledge that this provides is invaluable and helps us to live up to our ‘right product, right time, right price’ policy.’ Geographically, being based here helps with both Northern and Southern Hemisphere produce – especially apples and other tree-fruit, which are my particular interest.”

Here is a brief overview of what Andrew and his team are involved with at the moment:

Top Fruit
As Northern Hemisphere top fruit cease, Southern Hemisphere top fruit take their place. We are shipping eating apples from New Zealand and South Africa to Asia, Middle East and Europe, including Scandinavia. We are also exporting juicing apples for EU customers.
A constant supply of shelled peas, fine beans, mange touts and other legumes are being airfreighted to the United Kingdom and Scandinavia for the wholesale and food service markets.

The South African citrus season is now underway, with lemons and navel oranges in the north of the country about to replace easy-peelers.

Rush is continuing its supply of potatoes to important customers in Nigeria and Angola.

Andrew says: “ It’s a busy time of year for us, and the challenges that come with accreditation and logistics are ever-present. However being a local I am used to this, and having a grass-roots presence certainly helps overcome any potential problems”.

If you are looking for a reliable supply of apples, legumes, citrus fruits, potatoes and pears, please contact Andrew Chance today.

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