Rush Group’s onion business growing

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Rush Group’s Nat Bacon recently took over the Group’s onion sector, and over the past five months the quantity of brown and red onions they have handled has steadily grown.

Rush Group continues to discover and develop different markets around the world, and this has facilitated the increase in their onion business as the season has progressed. It has allowed them to deal with the different range of sizes, shapes and quality that has resulted from the relatively poor growing season in Europe last year.

The main focus for onions this year has been:

  • UK brown onions (40-60mm) exported to Eastern Europe
  • Egyptian red onions (60-80mm) imported to the UK
  • French brown onions, any size to Eastern Europe and the UK
  • German onions to Eastern Europe
  • French shallots to Eastern Europe

Nat believes that the fact that Rush Group has offices in Poland and Hungary (with native speakers on the ground) greatly supplements their ability to give their customers in Eastern Europe a reliable supply of onions, 364 days of the year. Clients appreciate the security of having a presence in their geographical region, someone they can talk to face to face that speaks their language and who gives them options.

With the northern hemisphere’s season soon coming to an end, Rush Group will still be able to supply their customers with red and brown onions and shallots, as they have strong production programmes with growers in New Zealand, Egypt, and Chile

If you are looking for a 365 days a year supply of onions, delivered at the right time and for the right price, please contact Nat Bacon today.

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