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By 24th May 2016Corporate

In a new regular feature, we take a look at what is going on in the Rush offices around the globe. We focus first on Poland.

What are your most popular products at the moment?
Potatoes – both old and new crop. Our Polish supermarket and packer customers come to us as they know that with our global network of farmers and offices, we have access to the right quality potatoes 52 weeks a year, delivered at the right time and at the right price.

Where are the potatoes coming from?
The set skin new season are coming from Egypt and are heading mainly for our Polish supermarket and packing clients. Our old crop is coming mainly from United Kingdom and France, for our packers in Poland and Czech Republic. It won’t be long before our very own Polish potatoes will be available – probably around the middle of May. Before that, Greek potatoes will be coming on board (in about two or three weeks’ time), so it is a very busy time of the year.

What other products are popular right now?
Onions – many trucks of red onions are coming in to supply our packing and wholesale customers. Meanwhile we are exporting polish brown onions to Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria for our North Eastern European office’s customers, who are also taking a lot of Polish and Lithuanian carrots.

We are also supplying Polish packers with UK parsley root, while sweet potatoes from USA are being delivered to packers and wholesale markets in Poland.

Does it help having two offices in Eastern Europe?
Yes it really does, there is a symbiotic relationship between us. We help each other out, which of course is highly beneficial for our customers not just in East Europe but also all around the globe. It gives us fantastic ‘on the ground’ local knowledge, which translates into a reliable supply of fresh produce throughout the year.

For a regular supply of fresh produce, please contact the Polish office today.


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