Why SE Asians are hungry for potatoes

By 20th March 2014Corporate

Consumption of potatoes and potato products is growing rapidly in South East Asia. A lack of locally grown potatoes suitable for processing has meant that processed potato products are mostly imported, while fresh potatoes are grown locally or regionally

In South East Asia, a rice-based culture, the potato was largely unknown or a novelty food amongst the indigenous populations until only a few decades ago. While per capita potato consumption is still relatively small by international standards, both fresh table potatoes and processed potato products (especially chips and crisps) are becoming increasingly popular in the region. This demand has also increased for a number of other reasons; the ever-growing number of expats living in the region, plus the use of processed potato as a thickener in traditional South East Asian cooking.

Rush Group’s experience in shipping potatoes across the world has helped them grow strong business ties in this region and help meet the increasing demand.

The humble potato is becoming a staple in this region’s diet, a fact that is backed by Rush Group’s programme to ship 20,000 tonnes to this region in 2014.

For more information on Rush Group’s involvement in South East Asia, please contact David Ough.


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