Slovenia, a growing market for fresh produce

By 4th August 2014Growers, Corporate, Customers

With its advantageously located port Koper and its growing population of 2 million, Slovenia is proving to be of growing interest to Rush Group.

Slovenia’s major port Koper  is well placed for both imports and exports, especially as it is the shortest route to and from the Far East, to the heart of Europe. Koper’s position in Europe, has led to it becoming the leading port in the North Adriatic, increasing in popularity over Rijeka, Ravenna, Trieste and Venice.

In 2013 Koper imported from the Mediterranean, (particularly Israel and Egypt), the Far East and South America 23,000 teus and exported 18,000 teus to Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, the Far East and the Middle East.

It is no surprise then, that Rush has started to engage in some serious business in this region, and have partnered with local logistics company TPG Logistics, to ensure their customers receive their fresh produce at the right time, in the right condition and at the right price.

The Group is averaging 3 tonnes of potatoes a week in this region, and this only looks set to grow. One of the Group’s Eastern European team, Hajnalka Erdos, a native Hungarian, who deals with a lot of the fresh produce that goes through Slovenia, says: “ I think a lot of Eastern European customers and growers are really surprised to hear an Eastern European accent, when they phone a British company, but I think it definitely helps build a rapport. Britain is still seen as a supplier of quality fresh produce by a lot of Eastern Europeans, and that is where I am seeing the largest growth, but obviously I still need to make sure that even our top end fresh products are still competitively priced.”

Rush Group is confident that with ever-increasing ties with Slovenia and the rest of Eastern Europe, that due to their ‘on the ground’ approach and ability to supply the best quality products at a competitive price, business can only increase.

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