Spiralizing Butternut Squash

By 8th February 2016Customers

The spiralizer has descended upon Rush Group. This latest trend was invented in Japan, and is a razor-sharp cutting device that creates thin ribbons of vegetable which are perfect as a healthy alternative to pasta.

Butternut squash, one of the Group’s most popular products has just become even more popular thanks to a new client’s requirement for butternut squash for spiralizing on an industrial level.

As with most processing butternut squash, the requirement is for large size, so Rush Group is supplying this account with 1kg +. However as the northern hemisphere season is almost over and the southern is about to start, there could be a tendency towards dehydration, which is particularly problematic when it comes to spiralizing these vegetables. To ensure there is only a small percentage of butternut squash suffering from dehydration, an unavoidable likelihood at this time of year, Rush Group is performing cut tests on each shipment.

Asked why he thinks this new client is coming to Rush Group for their butternut squash, Sam Crocker explains: “ Apart from the fact that we are more competitive, I think it is because of our product knowledge. This is a very tricky time of the year for keeping up a regular and reliable supply of butternut squash, as the Northern hemisphere is finishing and the Southern hemisphere is starting, and without a supply programme in place, customers could easily find themselves short. So I am currently working with our client to ensure a seamless transition between hemispheres and a constant supply thereafter – for which they are grateful.”

If you are looking for a reliable supply of butternut squash, especially at this time of change, please contact Sam Crocker today.

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